• Two Elevations
  • Open from Two Sides
  • Common Garden on One Side
  • Ample Sunlight
  • Excellent Cross Ventilation

The story of humans from the earliest apes is a story of evolution. Humans have evolved and so has their world. Gadgets, instruments, vehicles, forms of communication, accessories and luxuries. Everything around us has evolved and has added more meaning to life. But what about our homes? What began with a cave is now a modern structure with four walls and a roof above. Now what lies next? Get ready to take the next step in modern urban living.Presenting - Two Way Homes at SS Infinitus. The next r-evolution in urban housing.

Welcome to the next r-evolution in urban living. SS Infinitus presents for the first time in the city - fresh, open and beautifully sunbathed homes. Two Way Homes - an all new product offering, is a cluster of contemporary homes with two levels, two elevations and two entrances that open up to a 30 ft wide road on one side and a well maintained landscaped garden on the other. At SS Infinitus, we love to tap the infinite possibilities that life has to offer. So we decided to create homes that would do the same for you.

Imagine a home that defies conventions. Two Way Homes are a result of years of planning and research. They are built to international standards with contemporary designs. Different from anything you have experienced before, they break the barriers of the cliched four walls. The new evolved homes in 3 and 4 bedroom options, offer the flexibility to have either 2 or 3 rooms on the first floor. Now there is more space and hence definitely more room to live life to the hilt.

Imagine a home that extends into an expansive lush green garden. It will be hard to separate where your home ends and where the garden begins. Find a new hangout for your morning cup of tea, a solitary book reading session in the sun or an evening with your friends over endless gossip. Two Way Homes offer the best of independent and community living in a rare harmony, exemplifying privacy within a vibrant neighborhood. Now there is so much to explore each day.